Context Media’s in-house and freelance team of editors, writers, designers, and social media experts, are not only highly-skilled but are also experts on their own subjects. Context Media’s team is always efficient, flexible and knowledgeable.

Our custom publishing (or contract publishing) services include content-related jobs and services such as custom magazines, company newsletters, corporate publishing, digital media, design and redesign services, project management, publishing consultancy, online solutions, production and distribution, and related editorial services.

Context Media’s content development services include writing and developing feature stories, press releases, case studies, market / industry reports, expert columns, interviews, news articles, technical writing, book writing, and so on.

We also do ghost writing, biography writing, product and service reviews and previews, fiction writing and booth authoring, presentations, proposal writing, product descriptions, manuals, online help, tutorials, promotional material and brochures, speeches and thank you notes, marketing content, corporate profiles, research services and more.

Our advertisement building services meanwhile include print advertisement production, advertisements based on specifications, special inserts, image toning, image retouching, advertisement copywriting, brochure content writing, and more.

Our online content development services include content aggregation for websites; creating newsletters and digests; tracking specific industry sectors and subjects; creating micro-sites targeted at specific communities or groups; editing, uploading and tagging articles; resizing and uploading pictures; blog writing services; electronic publishing; website content writing services; and more.

A wide range of content editing services are offered by Context Media. These include copy editing and improvement; fact validation; grammar and punctuation checks; copy fitting; style alignment; headlines, decks, infographics and other visual elements; overall proofreading; and more.

Our translation services include document translation; legal translation; website translation; proofreading; audio and video translation; multilingual research; localisation services; learning language tools; and more.

Context Media’s niche content development services include annual report writing; outsource interviews, memoirs, biographies; high-end demographic content; surveys and online polls with reports; audio / video transcription; business plan writing; and much more.